About Us

Castletreasure is a 5th generation family run dairy farm. We also have a forestry, Christmas tree and foliage production enterprise. We have been growing and selling Christmas trees for over 25 years. We grow Noble Fir and Nordmann Fir which are a high quality, non-shedding tree. The trees that are cut this season will have been growing for between 8 to 10 years with a high level of management to produce a premium quality tree. As they are grown locally they are not affected by the stress of transport. They are cut fresh and only netted when ready for sale. We recognise that choosing a real tree is an important part of the Christmas experience for most families. Going to a real Christmas tree farm can make this a memorable occasion.

We will be selling trees directly from the farmyard from the 23rd of November. We will have a large selection to choose from in the farmyard or they can be chosen directly from the plantation by arrangement (this may not be possible during the busy periods but can be organised). The plantation is located within a few minutes walk from the farmyard. We will also have some tree stands available. We recommend that you use a water stand as it does keep the tree in better condition, for longer especially when it is kept in a warm atmosphere.

As well as Christmas trees we also sell Ash and Beech firewood as well as a variety of decorative foliages to help make your Christmas. For our full range please see here.